In 2016 Gunning For A Cure raised $137,000!

the perez family fights prostate cancer

Chalin Perez passed away in 2003, after battling prostate cancer for many years.  Mr. Perez always attributed his quality of life over the years to his treating physician, Dr. Oliver Sartor.  The Perez family continues to support Dr. Sartor's Prostate Cancer Research Fund; because they believe he implements and continues to improve the best prostate cancer treatment.

* All fundraising numbers are reported after event expenses, so every dollar goes directly to Prostate Cancer Research!

At the 2019 Fundraiser, with your help, we raised $220,000 for prostate cancer research! 

A clay shooting competition benefiting Dr. Oliver Sartor's Prostate Cancer Research Fund at Tulane Cancer Center

In 2014 Gunning For A Cure raised $116,000!                                                      In 2013 Gunning For A Cure raised $104,588!                                 

In 2017 Gunning For A Cure raised over $181,000, meeting the goal of raising half a million since the start of the fundraiser!

february 27, 2021