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Stella is situated at the lowermost part of the Mississippi River as it nears the end of its journey through the heart of the country.  Today Stella's fields are used to grow satsuma and navel oranges, kumquats, lemons, grapefruit and pecans.  The diverse 1500 acres that make up Stella feature lush marshes, cypress trees, crawfish ponds and forests home to diverse wildlife.

A clay shooting competition benefiting pediatric cancer research initiatives partnered with the 'Kids Join the Fight' movement.

a future with past ROOTS

Today Lynn Perez brings her deceased husband's meticulous attention to detail to her event hosting.  It is her dream to share this place that has been so special to her family with others and to continue to do what she loves: make guests feel welcome in an elegant but relaxed atmosphere.

Passion for preservation

Chalin Perez spent his life repairing and preserving Stella.  He had an inexhaustible love and nostalgia for the region and its beauty. He built a barn upon the foundation of the old sugar mill and antique bricks sheath the house and form the paths that meander through the grounds.

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Stella's vast size and varied venues makes it ideal for a wide range of events, from a breathtaking background for bridal portraits to an informal barbeque where the kids can run free.  If you can dream it, we can host it!

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